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Fullstack Developer

About us

Entrello Ticket & Service GmbH is a software startup company in Graz and Vienna running an event ticketing stack (Ticketteer) allowing producers / organisers to manage their seats, online-payment, ticket-printing, check-in, accounting, marketing and many more.

Our dev-stack

- GoLang
- postgreSQL
- GRPC (microservices) with google's protobuf
- golang graphql api backend
- nextjs shop frontend
- reactjs admin frontend
- github actions as CI/CD
- postman/newman functional tests

We are a remote dev team constantly improving our architecture design. We are very open for improvement ideas and do in fact switch a library if it's worth the improvement. Open-Source contribution is embraced wherever it makes sense. We also love using generators and automations to make boring repetitions as less pain as necessary. We love to improve our product also on a tech level, that never gets to the end-user. E.g. our microservices docker images are < 10Mb, there mem-footprint too.

Your tasks

- create and improve features in our Go microservice architecture
- fix bugs in our code in GO and ruby
- write efficient and samrt SQL (postgres) statements
- participate in software architecture decisions about how to organise microservice modules and common code to prevent (and if you are a GO-dev, you know what I mean:) defend DRY
- improve software product quality by adding functional tests
- improve logging, metrics, auditing capability of our product


- write and improve features in our reactjs webclient app
- improve code quality in our reactjs app

Your skills

- solid experience in a solid programming language
- solid experience with SQL (you are safe in writing SQL joins)
- solid experience with Reactjs and Typescript
- You can work in a team

You may work at our office in Graz or remote.


EUR 3200,--
commitment to overpayment in depending on your qualification


If you are interested, please fill in the form on this page:

Ticketteer wurde 2017 als Hauptprodukt in die Flinkwork eingebracht. Durch ständige Nähe zu diversen mittleren und kleinen Veranstaltern hat sich die Software immer an den Bedürfnissen der Veranstalter orientiert. Sie wurde im Herbst 2017 mit einer einfachen Bezahlfunktion für Veranstalter veröffentlicht. Seither wächst die Fangemeinde um Ticketteer im Raum Österreich und Deutschland.

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